American Collegiate DC

American Collegiate, DC is an elite undergraduate transfer program hosted by renowned American University. American Collegiate, DC offers a rigorous preparatory environment with the goal of transferring you to a top US pr world university.



American Collegiate DC offers 65+ courses of study including business, international relations, and communications. All courses are taught by American University faculty.


Expanded Program Options

You can enroll in up to four credit-bearing semesters, receiving guidance and support continuing beyond the first year to prepare for successful transfers to top-ranked US universities.


Program Details

More credit earned = more transfer options! American Collegiate DC’s expanded offerings clear the barrier for universities requiring more than 30 credits to transfer. By continuing your enrollment beyond the first year, you can now move confidently toward institutions previously out of reach.


Counselors offer unparalleled transfer support and guidance, at every stage of enrollment:

  • You’ll have the opportunity to consult with program advisors throughout their time at American Collegiate and get dedicated transfer guidance when applying to your destination university.
  • Or, you can decide to stay in Washington, DC! Upon successful completion of the American Collegiate Program with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, students can apply to American University for guaranteed admission

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