Western New England University

Western New England University is much more than its educational offerings; its strength is found in the individuals who educate and support students to thrive in our learning community. We attract students who are hardworking, ambitious, curious, and caring with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They excel in our close-knit campus where they find the confidence to push their abilities to conquer new challenges and think critically about the world around them and their place in it. Join them and prepare to do more, achieve more, and be more than you ever imagined.

From our modest beginnings in 1919 as a satellite division of Northeastern College (University) to our first charter as a distinct college in 1951, to our transition to a comprehensive university in 2011, Western New England has evolved into a leader in higher education, attracting students from around the globe. At the dawn of its second century, WNE is rising to meet the moment of unprecedented change as a model for the “New Traditional University,” one renowned for graduating students who are both work-ready and world-ready, prepared to contribute to society and a constantly-evolving workforce.



With degree program in high-demand fields such as engineering, health, pharmaceuticals, and business, Western New England University prepares students to get started on their career journey. Learn from industry professionals as you develop key skills and gain in-depth knowledge that will help you stand out to employers in the US, or anywhere in the world.

College of Arts and Sciences (+) Offered as both a major and minor

  • Actuarial Science – STEM designated
  • American Studies
  • Biology+ – STEM designated
  • Chemistry+ – STEM designated
  • Communication+
    • Health Communication
    • Media and Journalism
    • Public Relations
  • Computer Science+ – STEM designated
  • Creative Writing+
  • Criminal Justice+
    • Administration of Justice
    • Criminal Investigation
    • Homeland Security and Terrorism
    • Victim Studies
  • Economics+
  • Education+
    • Elementary
    • Secondary
  • English+
  • Exploratory – Business, Arts & Sciences
  • Forensic Biology – STEM designated
  • Forensic Chemistry – STEM designated
  • Health Sciences+
    • Pre-optometry
    • Pre-pharmacy
  • Health Studies
    • Pre-occupational Therapy (Minor)
  • History+
  • Information Technology+ – STEM designated
  • Integrated Liberal Studies
  • International Studies+
  • Law and Society
  • Liberal Studies
  • Mathematical Sciences+ – STEM designated
  • Neuroscience – STEM designated
  • Political Science+
  • Pre-physician Assistant
  • Pre-Science – STEM designated
  • Psychology+

College of Business (+) offered as both major and minor

  • Accounting+
  • Business Analytics and Information Management
  • Finance+
  • General Business+
  • Human Resource Management+
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing Communication/Advertising
  • Marketing+
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business
  • Sport management

College of Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering – STEM designated
  • Civil Engineering
    • Environmental
    • Railway
    • Reservoir
  • Computer Engineering – STEM designated
  • Construction Management – STEM designated
  • Electrical Engineering – STEM designated
  • Exploratory – Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering – STEM designated
  • Mechanical Engineering – STEM designated
    • Mechanical
    • Mechatronics


College of Engineering

  • MSc in Construction Management – STEM designated
  • MSc in Engineering in Civil Engineering – STEM designated
  • MSc in Engineering in Electrical Engineering – STEM designated
    • Mechatronics
  • MSc in Engineering in Industrial Engineering – STEM designated
  • MSc in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering – STEM designated
    • Mechatronics
  • MSc in Engineering Management

College of Arts and Sciences

  • MSc in Computer Science – STEM designated

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