Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

The university is called after Pompeu Fabra i Poch (1868 – 1948) as a tribute to engineer nd linguist who classified, refined, systemized, and standardized the modern-day Catalan language.

Founded in 1990, UPF is public university based in Barcelona that is highly competitive in research and aims to transform education to respond the future challenges. In a context of major global challenges , UPF has undertaken an imperative commitment  as a university institution to help find solutions for the main challenges facing humanity and the planet, which are set out in the planetary Wellbeing initiative.

UPF’s education model (EDvolution) prepares students to thrive in a global, changing and highly competitive job market. Competency-based training (communication skills, digital literacy, autonomy, etc), student support and tutoring, the use of new learning methodologies and a cross-disciplinary approach to programmes and degrees are part of a model that aims to produce well-educated people, good professionals and committed citizen.

The university is, in essence, a place for debate, discussion, and reflection, an ‘idea factory’ that must provide us with tools to decipher and interact with the world. UPF is an institution where scientific knowledge and humanistic culture advance together in search of answers and solutions to the challenges we face as a society.

Bachelor programmes:

  • Audiovisual Systems Engineering; with specialization in
    • Sound and Music
    • Image and Video
    • Multimedia
    • Business and Innovation Management
    • Network and services
    • Computer Science
    • Advanced Systems
  • Computer Engineering; with specialization in
    • Programming
    • Interactivity
    • Graph Computing
    • Intelligent Systems
    • Company Management and Innovation
    • Telematic Networks and Services
    • Processing of Signal
    • Audiovisual Systems
  • Global Studies
  • Industrial Technologies and Economics Analysis
  • International Business Economics
  • Telecommunications Network Engineering, with optional block
    • Multimedia Networks
    • Networks and Services Management
    • Wireless Networks and Conventions
    • Company Management and Innovation
    • Audio and Image Processing
    • Software Engineering

Master programmes:

  • Health and Life Science
    • Bioinformatics for Health Sciences
    • Biomedical Research
    • Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics
  • Economics and Business Sciences
    • Research in Economics, Finance and Management
    • Accounting and Financial Management
    • Data Science
    • Economics and Finance
    • Specialized Economics Analysis
    • Finance and Banking
    • International Business
    • Management; specialization in
      • Business Analytics
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Marketing
      • Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • Marketing
    • Sustainability Management
  • Political and Social Sciences
    • Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism, and Multiculturalism
    • Migration Studies
    • Political Philosophy
    • Research in Political Sciences
    • Research in Sociology and Demography
    • International Development
    • International Relations
    • International Security
    • Research Master in International Studies
  • Communication
    • Digital Culture and Emerging Media
    • International Studies on Media, Power, and difference
    • Master of Arts in Communication Management
    • Strategic Communication and Public Relations
  • Law
    • European Global Law
  • Information and Communication Technologies
    • Brain and Cognition
    • Intelligent Interactive Systems
    • Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media
    • Computational Biomedical Engineering
    • Sound and Music Computing

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