Understanding The Differences Between Public and Private Universities


What’s The Different?

Public University and Private University in the United States have the same definition as in Indonesia. They differ in terms of financing, ownership, organizational structure, and educational priorities. This can make a big difference when it comes to tuition fees; students living in the same state as a public university can receive in state tuition fees, which will be lower than those of students coming from other states or countries.

Public University

Public universities are owned and operated by state governments. Usually, university staffs are most often government officials and public members.

They usually offer a larger selection of majors and other academic programs, and their student populations are very large each year. Most students are local or in-state, but they also accept international students.

However, in some areas, public universities only use their local language in their daily classes, so international students who are interested in studying there are required to be fluent in their language.

Private Universities

On the contrary, Private Universities are owned and operated by individuals, foundations or communities. The faculty and staff are made up of members specifically selected for the university management.

The campus are dependent on income from tuition fees, donations from private funds, foundations, and other funds. Tuition fees at private universities are usually higher than those at public universities.

Private universities often attract students from all over the world, depends on their reputation and specialization. Also, each university has its own requirements and ways for students to graduate each term.

However, the quality of education and facilities also varies between public and private universities, which depends on what you want to study. So what about you, have you decided for yourself?

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