Fun and Interesting Facts About the Great White North, Canada


1. The second largest country in the world

Canada is the second largest country in the world, behind Russia which is the largest country. The area of Canada is 9,984,670 square kilometers, and for such a large country, the population is actually very low because many areas of Canada are unreachable by cars and transportation, and are left to be home to wildlife. Canada’s population is only 38.25 million.

2. Six Time Zones

Canada is so wide that it covers six time zones, and the time zones are Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland. So, if you are traveling to Canada, don’t be surprised if the time zone changes.

3. 20% of the world’s fresh water is in Canada

According to the federal government, Canada has about 20 percent of the world’s total freshwater resources. Current predictions estimate the world’s freshwater reserves at 1.386 billion km3. However, only 7 percent of Canada’s total reserves are considered “renewable”.

Each year, about 7 percent of the world’s renewable freshwater supply is discharged by Canadian rivers at a rate of 105,000 cubic meters per second, or 105 million liters per second.

4. The fourth largest automobile exporter in the world

Canada is currently the world’s fourth-largest auto exporter and ninth-largest auto producer, with production of 2.1 million cars per year. Trade with the US is by far the most powerful driver for the automotive sector.

5.  Half of Canada’s landmass is covered by forest

There are 367 million hectares (ha) of forest across Canada. This is 15 times larger than the entire Great Lakes combined. Across the country, Canadians have a deep connection to forests-respecting, managing and utilizing them in a variety of ways.


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