Exploring Final Assignment Systems Abroad: A Comparative Analysis


Many people have asked, is there a thesis in studying abroad? Studying abroad is a dream for many people who want to pursue their quality higher education. However, there are significant differences in the higher education system between Indonesia and other countries including in terms of final project requirements such as thesis. Check out more in this article.

Before getting deep into the subject of whether there is a thesis abroad, you need to know what types of institutions of learning there are. The types of higher education institutions, especially in abroad, such as:

  • Universities: Large institutions that offer a wide range of study programs at various levels.
  • College: Smaller institutions that generally focus on undergraduate programs.
  • Community College: Two-year colleges that offer associate degree (diploma) and certificate programs.
  • Schools of Technology: Institutions that focus on technology and engineering programs of study.
  • Professional Schools: Professional schools that offer specialized training programs in specific fields.

Compared to Indonesia where a thesis is part of an undergraduate program, in foreign countries, the final project has a larger scope. Here are some common types of final projects in abroad:

1. Thesis

A thesis usually required for master’s degree programs. A thesis is a more in-depth, independent research on a specific topic within the student’s field of study. Students usually work closely with an academic advisor to complete their thesis. The thesis can be an empirical research, field research, literature analysis, or a creative project, depending on the requirements of the study program and the discipline under study.

2. Dissertation

A dissertation is a larger and more in-depth academic work than a thesis, and is generally required for a doctoral degree.  Usually a dissertation is an original contribution to knowledge in a particular field and involves more extensive research and in-depth analysis. The writing process of dissertation involves selecting a relevant research topic, developing an appropriate research methodology, collecting and analyzing data, and accurately interpreting the results.

NB: Both types of academic work generally require a defense before a board of examiners as part of the completion process. This process involves a presentation from the author of the research and questions from members of the board of examiners to clarify and evaluate the research that has been conducted.

3. Capstone Project

Many bachelor’s and master’s degree programs require students to complete a final project that reflects the knowledge and skills acquired during the course of study. This final project could be a research project, design project, or other practical project depending on the field of study.

4. Portfolio

Some courses may require students to create a portfolio containing samples of work or projects that they have undertaken during their course. This portfolio serves as a demonstration of the student’s academic skills and achievements.

The point is, not all undergraduate programs abroad require a thesis as a graduation requirement. Unlike in Indonesia, the education system abroad is considered more flexible in terms of final assignments. However, there are several alternatives to the thesis in America, as described above:

  • Comprehensive Examination: Students are tested thoroughly on the material that has been learned during lectures.
  • Capstone Project: Students work on a research project or practical application in their field of study.
  • Portfolio: Students collect their work during the course as evidence of their ability.
  • Thesis: Similar to a thesis in Indonesia, theses are generally longer and more in-depth, and are usually required for master’s programs (masters).

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