Exploring 5 YouTube Channels to Boost Your Intellectual Abilities and Expand Your Insight


Here are some recommendations of YouTube channels to enjoy during your free time, weekends, or when you’re just relaxing. It is important to watch quality videos while you relax, as well as learn and improve your insight!


1. TED Talks

This channel presents various insights and perspectives from world-class speakers, such as: Bill gates, Elon musk, Yuval Noah, etc. Also, TED Talks can provide viewers with diverse educational, motivational and knowledge-based videos.


2. The School of Life

The School of Life is a YouTube channel that focuses on different aspects of life in a philosophical way, with an emotional as an emotional highlight. As you watch these videos , you will find your mind draining, pushing your brain to think about many things such as relationships, emotions, social life, and self-development.


3. Vsauce 

This YouTube platform is hosted by a man called Michael Stevens. Its videos are full of answers to unique and interesting questions about science and philosophy. You can also find some fascinating video series where Michael investigates aspects of human psychology.


4. Crash Course

This channel is one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed educational YouTube channels. The videos cover a huge range of subjects and are packaged attractively using engaging animations, energetic narration, and illustrations that help in understanding the material. Each video from the Crash Course platform has a short duration, however the topics discussed are always complete and easily understood.


5. The Rich Dad Channel

The Rich Dad Channel is a channel that talks about finance, investment, business, and self-development, based on the famous book entitled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, which is also one of the book recommendations discussed in the previous article. In this channel, Robert shares a lot of knowledge, insights, strategies, and approaches to achieving financial freedom. Many other guests are invited by him to discuss various topics such as: property investment, stock market, entrepreneurship, money management, and wealthy thinking.


So, that’s all 5 recommended YouTube Channel  that you can enjoy watching in your time-off. Remember, your viewing reflects the quality of who you are! See you in the next edition of EduPlan’s article.

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