Karel de Grote (KdG) University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Find KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts in the lively city of Antwerp, Belgium. One hundred different nationalities make up its 13,000+ student community.

To reflect its world outlook, KdG offers a growing number of degrees in English. These international classrooms offer students from around the globe exciting learning opportunities. It is where diverse minds meet and ideas flow.

Why study at KdG

  • Know-how is everything. Put the theory in practice
  • Real experience – case studies, client projects and internships
  • The right support, feedback and personal coaching

Why Antwerp?

  • Vibrant city of learning with 44,000 full-time students
  • Big on diamonds, fashion, innovation, tech and culture
  • Home to more than 170 nationalities

Bachelor’s degree at KdG University of Applied Sciences:

Master’s degree: