NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

A Global Campus Network

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has its roots dating back to the year 1845. We are an internationally orientated institution, with strong ties to local communities and businesses. Our global campus network is uniquely equipped to educate students from all over the world. Studyint at NHL Stenden means expanding your boundaries in ways you may not yet have thought of. We encourage you to take charge of your own study path, so that you can become the best version of yourself, on both a professional and personal level.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has campuses around the world; a global campus network. These campuses are located in Indonesia (Bali, Denpasar), the Netherlands (Leeuwarden, Emmen, Meppel and Groningen), Qatar (Doha), South Afroca (Port Alfred), and Thailand (Bangkok). Students from over 90 different countries study at NHL Stenden worldwide.

Why Study at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences?

High quality and affordable education

All programmes offered in the Netherlands are accredited by the NVAO, Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlandsand Flanders. The NVAO is an independent accreditation organisation, set up by the Dutch and Flemish governments with the primary goal of providing an expert and objective judgement of the quality of higher education in the Netherlands. NHL Stenden gets excellent reviews from its students. This is exemplified by 2017 and 2018’s National Student Survey. NHL Stenden received great marks for internationalisation, practical skills and the learning facilities. The overall score resulted in a positive ranking nationwide. Almost 80% of all NHL Stenden students is very satisfied with their study programme in general.

Learning Companies: Theory meets practice

The in-house Learning Companies are professional training enterprise for specific NHL Stenden degree programmes. You will not only receive regular tutoring, you will also benefit from training in a professional oragnisation, working on real assignments from external clients and gaining invaluable hands-on experience. The combination of academic and practical/managerial experience not only ensures that you will gain knowledge but also essential skills in your field. Since this is exactly what employers value, as an NHL Stenden graduate you will be assured of a strong position in the international job market.


Internship provide an essential link between education and employment, it usually take place during the final year, forming a transitional phase from graduation to Employment. NHL Stenden maintains strong links with the business world, giving you access, if eligible, to internship in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries all over Europe. A significant number of students end up finding employment at their work experience placements, so you may find that you can start your career immediately after graduation.

Design Based Education

Since it is important that the programmes meet employers’ needs and requirements, we maintain close collaborations with industry professional. All NHL Stenden programmes are in process of implementing Design Based Education (DBE), an educational concept which emphasizes co-creation with regional and international organisations. The student will be working on practical assignments in small teams of students, lecturers, researchers, and experts. Together, you will try out and refine your ideas in practice. Special attention will also be paid to your own learning objectives. Our lecturers know you personally and will support you throughout your academic career according to your individual  needs. They will help you to acquire all the knowledge and skills you will need to make a difference as a professional in the future.

At NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences we have both bachelor and master program as follows:

Bachelor programmes:

Master programmes:

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