IHS Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) is an international centre of excellence of the School of Economics (ESE) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, operating on a global scale by offering post-graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research. Today more people live in cities than ever before. Our urban future confronts us with great innovations and challenges. Cities need urban professionals who can understand, face and manage these developments to create urban futures that improve the quality of life in cities. IHS trains and advises these professionals on a global scale through its integrated approach in education, advisory services and research that offers practise and theory on urban management and development.

Training is one of the most effective ways to strengthen capacity and to improve the potential of organisations. The participatory and action-oriented training and the international perspective of IHS aims at improving knowledge, skills and attitudes for managing the urban development processes of today. Apart from in-class activities, lectures, case studies, simulation games and practical exercises, the programme also includes visits to important projects and municipalities dealing with contemporary burning urban and housing issues.

Over 7.500 participants have attended IHS courses. We are proud about the IHS Alumni International Network which includes ministers, mayors, successful businessmen, university lecturers and renowned NGO activists.

IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies is a part of the high ranking Erasmus University Rotterdam (#21 in Europe & #72 globally according to the Times Higher Education ranking) based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As a multidisciplinary institute we work closely with the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) and Erasmus School for Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) and offer a variety of educational programmes.

MSc in Urban Management and Development

The Urban Management and Development is a 1-year multidisciplinary policy oriented Master’s programme which combines theory with practice to train participants to deal with the challenges of the complex urban environment. The programme offers 6 different specialisation tracks:

  1. Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure
  2. Urban Competitiveness and Resilience
  3. Urban Environment and Climate Change
  4. Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice
  5. Urban Land Governance
  6. Urban Strategies and Planning

MSc in Public Administration: Urban Governance Specialisation

The Urban Governance programme is a 1-year Master’s track part of the MSc in Public Administration. It is a unique programme offered in collaboration between IHS, the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies and the Department of Public Administration at the Erasmus School for Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB). This programme enables participants to learn how to develop sustainable governance policies that successfully deal with global societal challenges and secure the well-being of people who live inside and outside of cities.

The IHS course programmes range from short post-graduate diploma courses to Master Degree programmes and a PhD programme in the urban management and development theme area. Within the post-graduate and master degree programmes, participants can choose either to enrol in a complete course, leading to a diploma or a degree, or in some cases to participate in one or more modules of the programme.

For further information and admission please feel free to contact us