Sweden is the most innovative and entrepreneurial nation in Europe, according to the European Innovative Scoreboard, while maintaining a very high quality of life. Measured by its size, Sweden is not a small country, it is as big as California or France but populated by only 9.5 million inhabitants.

Sweden is also known as the birthplace of so many international corporations and successful inventions. Some example are IKEA, H&M,Volvo, Husqvarna, ABB and Tetra Pak, as well as the pacemaker, the computer peripherals and the internet applications Skype and Spotify.

Sweden is also one of the largest music-exporting countries in the world with highly successful groups and artists such as ABBA, Roxette, Swedish House Mafia and many others.

Almost all Swedes speak English fluently and many Swedish companies use English as their official business language. As an international student, you will find that this prevalence of English makes adapting to your new surrounding easier.

Sweden is located in the centre of Scandinavia and travelling here from other places in Europe is quick and easy. Sweden is safe and modern country and is ranked as one of the most livable in the world. The crime rate is low and the risk of any natural disaster is minimal. Environmental consciousness is high and as a result Sweden enjoys pure air as well as clean lakes and rivers.

Accessible university education, in English

There are currently about 36,000 foreign students studying in Sweden, constituting around 10% of the total student body. The wide choice of English-language courses – aimed at both Swedes and non-Swedes – is an obvious attraction. Many Swedish companies also use English as their official working language.

International students find that this prevalence of English makes adapting to their new surroundings all the easier – and also makes it easier to find internships and job opportunities.

Sweden has also adopted more liberal labor migration laws, making it much easier to move there to work and to stay in Sweden once studies are completed. Students who are employed when their student permit expires can easily obtain a work permit.

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