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Dwina Nurazizah – President University student at Summer School Venlo – the Netherlands 2015

“ First of all thank you EduPlan Indonesia who help me to have the incredible journey. In the beginning I was a bit worry about the Trendwatching course because I have no any idea what was all about. I select the course just to fulfill my curiosity about the subject. Not to mention this trip to the Netherlands was my first trip to overseas. I had a mixed feeling, and curious about so many things. How are the Dutch people? How the lecturer and my peers were would be? But everything turned out to be great and perfect. The Dutch people are very nice, friendly and welcome especially we were introduced to the Dutch family by our chaperon. The campus is good and the social event especially Segway was the most memorable event. The Trendwatching subject was very interesting and need to be keeping for the next year. Long to short story, summer school in Venlo is very fabulous and had a great impact to me”

Mega Nirwana – President University student at Summer School Venlo – the Netherlands 2015

“Joining the summer school 2015 was giving the extra experiences in terms of education and cultural diversity of the countries of course this experienced give positive impact for my personality and the way of my thinking about the quality of my life. To be honest, I was very excited every single moment that I’ve made with my colleagues there, especially when my chaperon introduce me to the Dutch family, the local food, the local party and many more.  The teacher and the ‘Trendwatching’ class is awesome. I hope this course will remain on the next summer school. Finally I could said that I am glad become a part of the summer school student 2015 . Thank you and highly regards for EduPlan Indonesia who organize our trip and program”.

Irfan Khadim – Bachelor International Business and Economics at Fontys International Business School, the Netherlands – 2015

Sekolah di luar negeri itu enak, apalagi di Belanda sini, orang-orangnya ramah dan welcoming banget. Disini kalian akan ketemu atmosphere baru kayak punya temen dengan budaya baru, ngelatih bahasa, dll dan disini toko yang jual makanan2 Indonesia banyak banget, EduPlan Indonesia membantu banget buat jalur keluar negeri, semuanya gampang, yang kerja agentnya, kita mah santaiiii…:)

Dwiki Kurniadi – Student Electrical and Electronic Engineering Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven – Netherlands 2014/2015

” EduPlan sangat membantu saya dalam memutuskan untuk melanjutkan studi saya di Belanda, tidak hanya dalam proses pendaftaran tapi EduPlan juga membantu memfasilitasi mengenalkan calon student ke anggota PPI yang sangat bermanfaat bagi student yang baru berangkat ke negara tujuan. Eduplan really proves that our referral is their greatest compliment “

Eben Haezer Saut Makmur – MBA student 2014/2015 at University of Chester, UK

Terima kasih kepada Eduplan yang telah membantu saya untuk mempersiapkan kebutuhan serta dokumen-dokumen yang dibutuhkan dalam proses pendaftaran ke University of Chester, UK. Membuka jalan bagi saya untuk dapat langsung berhubungan juga kepada perwakilan dari kampus untuk dapat bertanya berbagai macam hal hingga segala persyaratan yang harus dipersiapkan.

Sukses selalu untuk Eduplan ke depannya, semoga semakin bermanfaat untuk mencerdaskan anak-anak bangsa dalam menempuh pendidikan di luar negeri.